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residential waste & recycling services

World-class customer care

Dedicated residential customer care team will help meet the customized needs of your community and resolve questions in one call. Apex Waste Solutions, unlike many of the haulers in Denver, is locally operated and committed to building a greener Colorado.

Tailored solutions to meet the needs of your community

One size does not fit all. Apex Waste recognizes the need to be nimble and we will work alongside you to develop a sustainable solid waste management plan. We offer affordable, convenient curbside carted recycling to make it easy for households to be stewards of the planet.

safe, reliable services you can count on

 Safe, reliable, and courteous curbside waste & recycling collection. The Apex Team is committed to providing industry leading practices and our “Apex Waste App” and service verification technology on all our vehicles to keep us connected with our customers. 


Apex Waste is proud to service residential communities throughout Denver with our promise to be a partner you can count on for your curbside waste and recycling collection. We take our role seriously in ensuring on-time accurate and safe service. With personalized care and a mission of sustainability, we are doing our part to build and maintain greener communities.

Interested? Call us at 303-841-7144 or click Contact Us.

Trash Guidelines & Cart Placement

Helpful Tips

Have waste ready for collection no later than 7:00am

Household Garbage: Waste must be bagged & placed in personal containers. Cans or bags cannot exceed 50 pounds.

Yard Waste:
Place grass clippings in cans or bags under 50 pounds. Branches should be placed in tidy piles measuring no larger than 3′ X 3′ X 3′, or tied and bundled. Limit three bundles per service day.

Excess Volume:
If you have a larger than usual amount of household waste, bulk waste, or yard waste, we can provide you with a quote for disposal or direct you to resources that can properly assist your disposal needs. Please call 303-841-7144 to schedule a bulk pick up.

recycling Collection

Sustainability and diverting recyclables from Colorado’s’ landfills is a core value at Apex Waste Solutions. We are a committed partner with the communities we serve to maximize resource recovery and reduce the environmental impact of our operations (through thoughtful routing and clean idle trucks as examples) to achieve shared environmental goals. Not only do we make recycling easy by providing a recycling cart to each resident, we also provide consumer education through user friendly website content and tips and press releases to the end customer and HOA managers, as just a couple examples.

Interested? Call us at 303-841-7144 or click Contact Us.

Recycling Guidelines & Cart Placement

Helpful Tips

The Following Items Should Not Be Recycled:
  • Plastic Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Containers marked as “PLA”
  • Compostable Plastic Containers
  • Ceramics
  • Batteries or Light Bulbs
  • Paper Towels, Paper Plates or Cups
  • Hazardous Materials (Needles)
Recycling Advice:
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes
  • Empty all food and liquids
  • Ensure aerosol cans are empty
  • Leave lids on plastic containers